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Nursery Teachers Training

  • 1 to 2 years

All India Early Childhood Care and Education, an Educational Organization, started Nursery Teacher’s Training Course all over India, Physical & social personality,with the help & co-operation of educational experts with a view to train unemployed educated girls. that there was no training for teachers in India for Pre-school going children education.


  • 6 months

Life skills-based is a form of education that focuses on cultivating personal life skills such as self reflection, critical thinking, problem solving and interpersonal skills. LSBE aims to help children reach their full personal potentials and to prepare them for the challenges of everyday life


  • 6 months

Fundamentals of a good education can be achieved through books and classroom drills.However nothing compares to first hand experience in the global education environment that Sanz International Academy Offers Immersion programmers vary depending on your needs.


  • 3 Months

For students, parents, individuals, job seekers and working professionals Career counselors assist people with the process of making career decisions by helping them to develop skills to choose a career or educational program based on their interests, abilities, values and personality.

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Almost before we knew it we had left the ground.The face of the moon was shadow.The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.All their equipment and instruments are alive.All their equipment and instruments are alive.I watched the storm terrific.

SANZ INTERNATIONAL Academy is a future generation Centre of Excellence established in the year 2012, understands the needs of the integrated global economy and provides a wide range of advice and support for learners who seek access to the world’s leading educational institutions and corporate. SANZ INTERNATIONAL into learning and development domine service provider aimed at Organizations who wish for the best possible expertise for their students employees individuals parents teachers and so on. With a Team of dedicated and highly qualified experts, we offer a wide spectrum of services designed under Sanz International it's a one stop solution for all the educational needs like Career Counselling career guidance admission guidance in India and abroad countries Training for Students Teachers parents and employees on Lifeskill/softskill training one to one counselling internships and placements...


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  • August 2018


    Location - Banglore

    As our experts says Parenting is tough and mistake made in a moment can take years to repair, Therefore learning the skills of effective parenting will be one of the most worthwhile asset you ever can achieve.


    Location - Banglore

    Foundation is the key to everything in life…similarly the foundation of education at a very tender age is important, thus we train nursery teachers to build a nation of visionary leaders. Complete this course it’s a time for recognitions.

    September 2018
  • October 2018


    Location - Banglore

    Having experience in learning and development domine we at sanz international and team has launched one of its kind programme for teachers/trainers/coach as “EVOLUTIONARY & REVOLUTIONARY METHODOLOGY OF TEACHING”


    Location - Banglore

    Let’s start with What if changing your thoughts and behavior was as easy as changing channels on your TV or installing a new program on your computer? What would you change? What if you could program yourself for success in any situation? Join now to tune your brain with your daily activities.

    November 2018

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What Our Client’s Say

​​I take this opportunity to thank Ms.​ ​Safina Naaz and Mr​​.Nadeem to make this possible .I was extremely pleased with the consulta​ti​on provided on selec​ti​ng the right country & everlas​ti​ng domain to pursue my MS studies in one of the leading IT industry . They understood my background very well and extremely associated during the en​ti​re process The demo that they put together with very less ​ti​​me was very well received and generated lot of interest and focus to go with them . Sanz is an excellent resource and a righteous decision to put your carrie​​r​ ​in right direc​ti​on ..!!

​ Sameer

Harris berg university, Usa

We would like to express our sincere thanks to sanz academy for the guidance and help extended to acquire a seat for our son in BMSIT college of engineering We truly approach IITE the professionalism and sincerity and honesty​ ​with which the whole process was done​ ​All the best for future and to help more students like our son Thanks.

​Rakhee M

White House​

​I’am very happy that we have been associated with this academy They are very promising and dedicated at their work. A​ft​er my child completed inter, i was surrounded with lot of uncertainity and didnt know how to go about with her btech admission . Aft​er ge​tti​ng mislead by a few​ ​veteran aged consultants, i was guided to these young consultants with a very strong and posi​ti​ve feedback. They give a lot of guidance to the children​ ​regarding any coaching or higher studies.i can say they have put the best me at work and they are the best consultants i​ ​have ever encountered. I recommend them from the bo​tt​om​ ​of my heart. I am pre​tt​y sure that their services would con​ti​nue the same. I see a verybright future forthem.

Sai Ram​