How Do I Choose The Right Career?

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Career Counselling For All Ages

We’re a national firm of career counselors offering specialist careers advice to teenagers, those in their twenties, and those over thirty

Whether you’re leaving school, need A-Level advice, contemplating what to study at university, starting out on your career path for the first time, or looking for a career change – our career counselors use sanz Dmia Test to figure out what career path would suit you best and to give you the career counseling you need to get there. Fill in the form below, and we’ll contact you to describe in detail how we can help you into your ideal career

About Your Career Counsellor

When you register for our careers advice program, you’re assigned a career counselor who is a fully qualified psychologist. We insist that each career counselor here holds at least 2 degrees – a BSc in Psychology

This is because when you sign up for our career counseling program you undergo an in-depth Sanz DMIA Test What we are looking for here, are the important factors you need to take into account when choosing the right career: What are you interested in? What are you good at? What career would suit your personality? Which career is practical for you?

Your career counselor will analyze your results, draw on their vast knowledge of careers to research your opportunities, and then sit with you to discuss those possible career paths and help you to decide what career is best for you.

Because of the quality of our career counselors, it is unparalleled careers advice – some have said life-changing careers advice – that will set you on the right career path for the future.

Our career counseling program offer:

  • Careers advise helping you decide what career is right for you.
  • A practical career plan developed by your career counselor.
  • Psychometric testing to assess your career interests, abilities, personality, and values.
  • In-depth analysis by your career counselor.
  • Career counseling to help you progress in your career path.
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